Ipswich: CBeebies star Sarah-Jane Honeywell and co set to enchant Snow White audiences

“The great thing is Sarah-Jane is so easy to get to giggle,” reveals Enchanted Entertainment’s executive producer Guy Pascall. “She won’t be able to speak.”

“Now you’ve given my secret away,” laughs Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ Good Fairy, proving his point immediately.

I’m looking forward to seeing the show even more now.

“When I can’t stand for laughing?” she giggles again.

“It’s when you’ve got to be serious, that’s the worst time. You’ve got that energy about you, you’re in that mind-frame that you want to be lively and everything. Then it comes to a serious moment and you’re like ‘oh, oh,’ you’ve got all this laughter energy.

“I was once Sleeping Beauty and I did laugh a lot when I was asleep. It was good for the comic because they could go ‘is she fitting’… no,” she cringes, tears rolling down her cheeks. “I’m never being a princess again.”

An actress, dancer, contortionist, acrobat, aerialist and singer; she’s known to parents and kids around the world as the presenter of Tikkabilla and Mighty Mites.

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“I’m very excited; I’ve got that Christmas vibe. I’m a fun fairy, funky, a bit mischievous,” she giggles.

“I love it because it’s a little bit dark, it’s a classic fairytale. I love live theatre, I love doing TV, I like working basically,” she laughs. “That’s always nice when you’re an actor.”

“The fact it’s live, that’s the fun. I’ve done a straight play before. I was playing, believe it or not I did used to act,” she laughs, “Real actress... it was a very serious teenage girl part and you find when things go wrong you slip into panto mode and go ‘oh no, this is serious I can’t do that’ so panto’s great for covering. Basically if you’re a bit scatty you’ll be the dame or the fairy.”

She can’t wait for show-time.

“You’ve got Peter Duncan, which I’m so excited about; you’ve got Sam [Attwater] who was amazing in Dancing on Ice, you’ve got lovely Sapphire [Elia] who if you’re into soaps you’re going to love, then you’ve got me who’s not quite a dwarf but nearly there; you’ve got Chris [Casserly] the traditional dame, there’s no reason not to come really.”

There’s a Magic Mirror, a Wicked Queen in need of booing and hissing, real dwarves, singing, dancing and loads of laughs.

“It’s a great show, a great cast; it’s got all the elements that you want,” says Guy Pascall, Enchanted Entertainment’s executive producer.

“This is quite a magical show; you’ve got the Wicked Queen, Sarah-Jane who’s playing the fairy. We’ve rewritten that part because she’s such a prominent person for children in the show; we’ve really made that a bigger, more integral part.

“She really weaves the story and interacts with the characters throughout. It’s very Harry Potter-esque, the Magic Mirror…”

A traditional fairytale; they’ve given it the panto treatment with lots of comedy and set-pieces. The cast, says Guy, are on top of their game, all able to really deliver a performance.

“Sam’s a West End performer; he’s come out of Dreamboats and Petticoats to do this. Same with Sapphire, yes she’s known as being in Emmerdale but she’s a musical theatre performer; she was in Britannia High because she can sing and dance.

“Peter Duncan is a legend, he grew up around panto; his family were one of the original panto dynasties. There’s nothing about panto he doesn’t know. Sarah-Jane started out in Cats in the West End...”

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves runs until Sunday, December 30, at the Regent Theatre, Ipswich.

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