Ipswich: Derren Brown’s Infamous tour coming to Ipswich

Derren Brown brings his new tour to Ipswich for five nights in 2013. Photo: MARILYN KINGWILL

Derren Brown brings his new tour to Ipswich for five nights in 2013. Photo: MARILYN KINGWILL

Master of psychological illusion Derren Brown is bringing his new tour Infamous to the Ipswich Regent for a five-day run next year.

He has teamed up with close collaborator Andy Nyman for what Brown describes as a more personal show.

“We’ve worked together on all the shows apart from Svengali. And Andy was my co-writer for many years of television shows. Now we’ve joined forces again, we’re very eager to make this show feel different. There was something of a template we followed with all the shows, which worked very well,” says Brown.

“It’s rather exciting and scary leaving that behind. This one should certainly have a different tone and will mix things up a bit for those who have seen the others on TV or live”.

Despite winning yet another Olivier Award for Svengali, Brown says he doesn’t feel pressure or expectations.

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“I just try to find what’s interesting to me, while of course making sure I don’t repeat ideas from previous shows. This year as we’ve tried to change the feel of the show, that has brought its own concerns – how much should you change for the sake of changing? Why fix what wasn’t broken? But these are all part of the creative drive: complacency doesn’t help anyone,” he says

His most recent TV specials - Apocalypse and Fear and Faith - caused a lot of controversy and speculation.

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“Again, I just try to do what interests me, and feels important, with an eye to what would make good TV,” Brown says of reacting to the publicity storm and continuing to push boundaries the way he does.

“It’s nice the shows are very well received. I’m used to them also provoking their share of negative or sceptical reactions from some quarters – anything from ‘it’s all fake’ to ‘it’s irresponsible and he shouldn’t be doing it’.

“I see it as an inevitable kind of tax I pay for doing something that might be very ambitious. It’s only saddening when I see people – usually on Twitter – wrongly dismissing something that happened for real as fake and feeling insulted rather than letting themselves enjoy it. But whaddyagonnado... you could go mad trying to please everyone.”

He’ll be working on a new TV show while touring and there’s another book in the pipeline.

“I do have something in mind and once Infamous is fully up to speed I’m sure I’ll be working on that too. Having my days free to read or write is such a treat – one of the best parts of touring.”

Infamous comes to the Ipswich Regent from February 25-March 1, 2014. Ticket alert subscribers can book from 9.30am Thursday. Tickets go on general sale from 9.30am Friday.

The theatre’s manager David Mansfield says: “Derren’s shows have been hugely popular on previous visits to Ipswich so we were delighted to secure a week-long run of his new show. He’s an exceptional live performer, genuinely one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

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