Ipswich: Infectiously funny Sarah packs out theatre for fun-filled show


- Credit: Archant

Sarah Millican, Regent Theatre, Ipswich

SHE may be rude; she may also be at times crude ... but make no mistake about it she’s an infectiously funny and talented comediene.

Sarah Millican strolled onto the Regent stage on Saturday on the final appearance of her two-night show complete with slippers and non too flattering dress.

The South Shields lass with be the first to admit that she not in the drop dead gorgeous mode with her ample curves and her offbeat lavatorial, laddish humour, but she more than makes up for it with her bubbling personality.

And her quick-fire routine and humour was received with warmth and no amount of chuckling in the ailes with at times tear-watering laughter rolling down the cheeks of many in the packed auditorium.

There wasn’t a spare seat to be seen in the theatre for her final show which was packed full of hilarity in two fun-filled 45 minute sets.

She covered everything from her own personal hygiene issues to the antics of her new

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“boyfriend” who figured prominently in many of her gags.

The 38-year-old self-confessed divorcee, told her audience how she has got as close as is humanely possibly to becoming a domestic goddess by moving out of her flat and living in a house in Manchester and that she can now go upstairs to go to bed.

However, she did inform the audience that has its drawbacks as she has to go back downstairs to raid the fridge.

But domesticity doesn’t come as second nature to Sarah as she’ll readily admit with underwear dotted around the living room floor getting dried on the underfloor heating.

I loved the ice cream sketch where along with her sister they had to lick and tidy it for their dad before handing it to him while he was sitting comfortably on the loo.

And how she tought that a damp proof course was something she needed to get as a qualification from college.

Then there was the the tale of the grab rail shower ... and no it wasn’t meant as a safety device for her elderly relatives ... and how her boyfriend offered to toilet train her pet cat Brody (named after Chief Brody in the film Jaws). Much of which is better told by Sarah than to put down in print.

Umpteen meals a day, gardening, bad drivers, cooking, apricots, ordering food online, her love of John Lewis stores, hot air dryers in public conveniences, slimming, dirty weekends (which prompted many ideas from the audience) all figured in the non stop laughter show.

Sarah’s earned her place very much in the mainstream of modern comedy and her observational style lends itself perfectly to her new series which is currently being show on BBC TV.

She pulls no punches but perhaps it’s her warm and friendly persona and northern wit that allows her to get away with the gags and routines.

She is currently on a punishing tour of the country which goes right through to next May but Ipswich will remember her fondly and grateful that she made it one of her venues for the tour.

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