Ipswich: Life’s greatest and silliest questions answered at PULSE

Frequently Asked Questions, looking at some of life's mysteries

Frequently Asked Questions, looking at some of life's mysteries - Credit: Archant

Why is belly button fluff blue, why do donuts have holes? New Wolsey Young Associates aim to answer all of life’s greatest questions. You could even win a pack of Justin Bieber mini-playing cards.

Manning a tombola packed with 500 questions are Rosi Spall, Sam Hume, Sammy Measom and Jack Tricker. What they have to answer is down to a bingo machine, luck and you.

They range from the ten most popular interview teasers to is an orange called an orange because of the fruit or the colour; all gleaned from the internet, their heads and home of beautifully ridiculous facts Yahoo Answers among others.

“We’ve got a massive range of questions, from childish ones about the world to deep philosophical, abstract stuff,” says Sam.

“There are some questions in there… it’s luck of the draw, I may be sitting there going ‘please come out, please come out’,” adds Sammy.

“We might be thinking ‘oooooh, don’t give me that one’,” laughs Rosi. “There’s something lovely about the raw emotion of it, something interesting about the humanity, the realness of it. I love we’re very on the spot, you get to see that go through our heads - ‘oh, okay, let’s answer’.”

Each agrees there’re questions that have made them think, will make you think and definitely make you laugh.

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“I think they’ll be a few stupid answers,” laughs Sammy. “It’s okay to put a fun twist on a few but some will take quite a bit of thought. It’s the audience’s chance to think ‘okay, what do the youth of today feel about this subject and how are they going to approach this’.”

Sam is excited about what sort of debate they can get.

“We have no idea where it’s going to go. I’m concerned if nothing like that (serious) comes out, if we get a question as stupid as why is an egg egg shaped it doesn’t really let us dig that deep.”

Yes the show is playful, but each agree underneath the silliness is an important message about the continued importance of asking questions of the world.

“With the internet and bits and pieces, any question you need answering, theoretically you can go and type that in. Lots of times you get the actual answer you are looking for. A lot of the time it gets redirected and the question you’re asking gets blown out of proportion. Sometimes it’s about going back to the roots of that actual question,” says Sammy.

“You get gorgeous difference of opinions as well; there are four of us who are all very different. We don’t necessarily have the same point of view,” adds Rosi.

“It’s that intimacy, where you’re on stage and you’re answering the question rather than going on the internet and it’s thousands of people who’ve just typed in their opinions.... You’ve got four people on stage actually telling you their thoughts, their feelings, their thought processes,” says Sammy.

“And,” laughs Rosi, “some of us might be right.”

Frequently Asked Questions is 10am at the New Wolsey Theatre on June 1.

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