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Ipswich Community Radio presenter Fional Jessica Wilson who is shortlised for Female Presenter of th

Ipswich Community Radio presenter Fional Jessica Wilson who is shortlised for Female Presenter of the Year in the National Community Radio Awards 2018 - Credit: FJ Wilson

Ipswich community radio presenter Fiona Jessica Wilson has been shortlished in the National Community Radio Awards 2018

Fiona, a classical singer who performs all round the world, has been shortlisted for the second time in the Female Presenter of the Year category for her work on ICR - Ipswich Community Radio.

Finalists have just been announced and the winners will be revealed on September 15 in Sheffield.

Ms Wilson presents Get Classical with FJ (online and on 105.7FM),

She said: “I am really pleased to be shortlisted again.

“I started Get Classical with FJ on January 2, 2017 with a view to providing a forum for the many lovers of classical music in Suffolk. In 18 months it has attracted stars of the Ipswich and Suffolk classical music and music theatre community who come on and talk passionately about their work.

“I was very fortunate that two Framlingham-bred stars came in on New Year’s Day this year as my very special anniversary guests! “Coloratura Soprano Christina Johnston and composer and arranger Matthew Sheeran (Ed’s brother) started off the New Year Get Classical show by talking about their collaborative projects and Matthew waxed lyrical about how classical music is not elitist. “This podcast was used as the award entry.

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“My big passion is to keep attracting artists, in particular teenagers, onto the show in order to give them the space to enthuse about their respective artistic projects. In an image-obsessed world, radio reigns as the most wonderfully authentic space for expression and communication.

“As of September, I’m going ‘Beyond Borders’ with the show and opening it up to all artistic disciplines so that classical music can lie comfortably within The Arts in general and not be considered an elitist art form. “

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