Ipswich: Quick fire Al has his audience in fits of laughter

INFORMED, intelligent, bigoted, worldly wise, outrageous, insulting .... and totally hilarious.

That’s the wonder of Al Murray as he had his audience in fits of laughter tonight with many left totally embarrased.

The advice is: don’t arrive late for one of his shows and be careful if you want to take a quick exit part way through. For he’ll be merciless with you.

The comic, who is on a punishing tour of the country with his Only Way Is Epic show and best know for his stand up persona and quick repartee as The Pub Landlord, had advice for putting the world to right.

It included his own brand of criticism of 50 Shades of Grey, politicians, the Euro crisis, Olympics, the Royal Family, parenthood, Scottish independence or as he put it the People’s Republic of Jockestan, women, the youth of the day, dads, decision and discipline, and how to solve the riddle of packing away a pop up tent.

But it’s his interaction with the first few rows of the audience for which he is so well known and loved.

A few bald heads were picked out as being like stepping stone and those who arrived late all had to give an excuse with each one getting his own particular words of advice.

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There was a great cheer when not one, but two Kevin and Tracey’s were found sitting near the front and Al went through a raft of routines on how to get the country back on its feet and the background to the problems with the Euro and how to solve it ... but, he admitted that “it’s more complicated than that!”

Kind words and admiration was saved for what he described as one of the delights of the Royal Family in the “shape” of Pippa Middleton.

But he feared a world crisis looming with ladies decorating a particular part of their anatomy.

It was by consensus a priceless 150-minute show.

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