Ipswich: TV show follows 70-stone Paul Mason, Britain’s fattest man

TV audiences will follow Britain’s fattest man on his journey through life-changing surgery in a documentary to be aired next week.

Paul Mason, who lives in a specially adapted bungalow in east Ipswich, previously topped the scales at 70st and was thought to be the world’s fattest man.

But film crews have followed him through his battle to lose 20st in advance of a major gastric bypass operation by renowned bariatric surgeon Shaw Somers.

A neighbour, who asked not to be named, told The Evening Star: “We don’t see him much round here. He never leaves the house so we just see medical people going in and out.”

The 49-year-old has been bed-ridden for nearly a decade and relies on carers to look after his every need – at a cost to social services of �2,000 a week.

Mr Mason was rushed to Ipswich Hospital several times in spring this year after suffering chest pains, thought to have been a suspected heart attack, and doctors gave him just a few years to live.

His addiction to food is also said to have caused a massive family rift and the TV crews followed him as he reaches out to relatives and is rebuffed.

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He was initially turned down for the operation to staple his stomach as doctors thought it was too risky.

When they eventually decided to go ahead with the surgery at St Richard’s Hospital in Sussex they faced a minefield of complications.

Details of the operation and his progress since the surgery have been kept firmly under wraps and Mr Mason was unable to comment when approached by The Evening Star.

The documentary will be shown on Channel 4 at 9.35pm on January 5.

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