Review: Love Island 2018 final

Dani reads her declaration to Jack Picture: ITV

Dani reads her declaration to Jack Picture: ITV - Credit: ITV

Jack and Dani take the crown as winners of this year’s Love Island

Jack declares his love for Dani Picture: ITV

Jack declares his love for Dani Picture: ITV - Credit: ITV

They did it. The nation voted my favourite couple Jack and Dani as winners of Love Island 2018.

In last night’s finale, the girls got dressed up to the nines, while the boys got suited and booted, before declaring their love – or like in Laura and Paul’s case – for each other.

When it came to Jack, he declared Dani an ‘absolute sort’ and got choked up when putting his feelings into words. There was definitely something in my eye…

A recap of the whole series looked at the (rather short in places) history of all the couples, but there was only one story most of us were interested in and that was ‘Jani’ of course, the only pair together since the very start.

Sweet and romantic, and definitely not part of the ‘do bits society’ – not with her dad Danny Dyer watching – they warmed the cockles of my heart.

Then it was time for the results. Megan and Wes came fourth and Casa Amor couple Kaz and Josh were third.

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So it was just Laura and Paul and Jack and Dani left. But I think we all knew who the winners would be.

Sure enough, ‘Jani’ were declared winners. But it didn’t end there. They each had to choose an envelope, one would be empty, the other containing £50,000. Whoever got the prize could choose to keep it or share it with their beau.

Jack got the winning envelope and announced he would share it, ‘obviously’.

Like Dani and Jack, I was grinning from ear to ear, but with slightly less dazzling white teeth.

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