James proves a gallant Nite for new talent

MOST people come back from a visit to the shops with a loaf of bread or a pint of milk. James comes back with another act for his new live local talent showcase.

He spotted Idrum playing outside Barclays a few weeks ago, heard Polar Collective singing at Top Man, saw Michelle Woodhouse performing karaoke and got speaking to Sadie Cole while having a meal out.

Thursday Nite Live aims to represent and promote the area’s up and coming artists, bands, musicians and more, giving them a chance to showcase their talent in front of a real audience in a professional venue.

“Idrum have never performed in a pub before; they’re putting together a special set for us. One guy plays a full drum kit, another comes in and plays pots, pans, any kind of utensil you can name, so we’re really excited about that.

“There were people dancing in the high street on a Friday in January which is really unheard of. It’s just something so different.

“This is going to be Polar Collective’s first big gig. I was walking past Top Man with my kids, heard them and thought my god this is really good, is that live? I went in and they’ve got a massive bunch of people dancing, so I thought well I’ve got to give them a try.

“I know Michelle has taken part in a number of talent competitions and has come in the top three but just hasn’t had that break .

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“With Sadie we just started speaking; I used to do amateur dramatics and dance so we had bit to talk about. Then she goes ‘I sing’. I heard her voice and said ‘god you’ve got a really good voice’.”

Bar Sport, in Ipswich’s Great Colman Street, will host the event every Thursday from 7.30pm; with compere James introducing several live acts each week.

The first is Thursday, February 9.

Jeremydurrant.com will be sponsoring the night with artists and bands getting the chance to be represented through the company for future work.

“Not only are we going to give performers a chance to showcase their talent, if it all works out well we’ll give them a regular spot maybe every few weeks so any new material they have they can keep showcasing it.”

James has worked in entertainment since he was three; dancing, singing, presenting and Dj-ing over the years.

It was while being interviewed about his career as an entertainments manager on board a couple of cruise ferries and cruise ships that he got the idea for Thursday Nite Live.

“I’ve really worked by backside off to get to where I am and I know how difficult it is for other people. I really like the idea of home-grown talent, people who write their own music, who do covers, those that have never done it before.

“I think if you’re interested in live music, passionate about performance and you enjoy live music at its best this is the place to come.”

Free entry, special food and drink offers, with live music finishing at a reasonable time; sounds like a nice start to the weekend.

James, is keen to attract more acts. Anyone interested should contact him on 07539 002846 or via jamesmarinker@yahoo.co.uk

“We’re looking for any up and coming bands, singers, duos etc, even dancers and comedians. This is a completely free event so come down and support your local bands and singers,” he says.

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