King of gags Tim Vine delights crowd at Ipswich Regent

Tim Vine, The Joke-Amotive Tour: Corn Exchange, Ipswich, Friday May 13.

HE is known as the ultimate king of one-liners. And that title is well deserved as there is little that Tim Vine can’t get a pun out of, or failing that a bizarre song.

We laughed as he sang about a little piece of carpet, chuckled about his puns on vegetables and cheered him on as he tried (and then achieved) to throw a pen behind his ear.

Vine was only due to do one show in Ipswich but due to popular demand, another date has been added for Monday and there are just a few tickets left.

It was clear from the crowd that he has a dedicated following. When he announced it was time for the ‘Alarm Bells’ song, his fans squealed with delight as they knew what was coming. However those first timers to Vine’s show could be forgiven for emerging perplexed by the sheer wackiness of it. It is definitely not to everyone’s taste.

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His jokes are delivered thick and fast – “I bought a bommerang off a ghost – that will come back to haunt me,” to “A shepherd said to me ‘We’ve got 68 sheep. Can you round them up for me?- I said ‘Sure, how about 70.’

His bag of props also brought up gag after gag, from a potato that is actually a torch, to a picture of a graph, which he then cut in half and smelt it before saying “I love the smell of freshly cut graphs”.

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All in all the evening was a whirlwind delight.

For tickets to Monday’s show, call the box office on 01473 433100.

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