Latitude: Stand up Ivo Graham shows Old Etonians are not all bad

A view of Latitude 2016 from the air, by Mike Page

A view of Latitude 2016 from the air, by Mike Page - Credit: Archant

25-year-old Ivo Graham’s self-deprecating depiction of holidaying to the Algarve with his parents was the highlight of a polished performance by the apologetic Old Etonian, writes Matt Reason.

His well written and understated act at the Comedy tent on Saturday seemed to resonate with the Latitude audience.

Whether it was the 20 somethings, who could see a little bit of themselves in his burgeoning relationship struggles (he has a girlfriend and he has to try and use emojii to show her he is modern), or the 40 somethings who might think back on the time they took their 20 something son on a family holiday.

His whole set was superbly written and delivered with on point comic timing. His humour is mostly at his own expense, with Mr and Mrs Graham coming in for a little embarrassment too. The jokes delve into the rude at times, but the delivery from the polite and well-mannered Graham means you never want to cringe.

With certain Old Etonians gaining a reputation for ruling badly at the moment, it is refreshing to see the strict all-boys boarding school also inflicts enough mental damage to create talented stand up comics as well.

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