Latitude: Suede review

The weather may have been changeable at this year’s Latitude festival but the recently reformed Britpop band Suede proved they remain as good as they were in their 90s heyday.

Indeed their energetic and lively performance made it hard to believe this was a band that formed in 1989 and split up in 2003. They got back together last year, following in the footsteps of so many others of that era, and although they may not have experienced the same success this time round as the likes of Blur, they still attracted a sizeable crowd when they headlined last night on the Obelisk stage.

Many have questioned why a band which has yet to prove itself this decade were the main act to end the three day festival and they certainly didn’t seem to attract as big a crowd as other artists in the same spot have done in previous years.

However for those that did stick it out, they were transported back to the Britpop age where Suede were at one time Britain’s biggest new band.

Our loyalty was rewarded with a night of the best of their hits, making it feel like it was only yesterday when they were at their peak.

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Both old and new fans sung along to their greatest tracks, Animal Nitrate among the highlights, and lead singer, Brett Anderson’s showmanship didn’t disappoint.

A nostalgic evening from a classic act which was full of the freshness of a new band.

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