Let it rock with leading Bon Jovi tribute act

NOT many people can bring a Nickelback concert to a halt - but The Bon Jovi Experience’s Tony Pearce has.

The tribute act frontman - at the Regent tomorrow <Nov 20> - is a deadringer for the real band’s lead singer Jon.

“Chad Kroeger [Nickelback’s lead singer] was wandering up and down the stage, looking at me. He stopped right in the middle of the show - bear in mind this was a 45,000 seat stadium - pointed at me and said ‘has anyone seen this guy at the front, he looks like Jon Bon Jovi it’s freaky man,” he remembers.

“I was stood in the middle of this audience at the front and everybody just parted and he even got his own cameraman and the rest of the band over to point me out.”

The Bon Jovi Experience are the only Bon Jovi tribute band in the world to have actually shared a stage with Jon Bon Jovi himself.

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“He personally asked for us to appear with him. His brother, who runs the official website, rang me and I thought it was somebody playing a joke. We went down to the Hard Rock Caf� in London and he performed with us on stage before going out for beers round London. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

The band have travelled the world to perform hits such as Livin’ On a Prayer, Keep the Faith and Bad Medicine.

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“We usually find the audience are old school, even though they’re mixture of eight to 60 year olds. The show’s a mixture of old and new material,” adds Tony, who says the band can’t wait to let it rock at the Regent.

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