Margaret Glass at Lavenham

Sunlit Corners, Margaret Glass at The Wildlife Art Gallery, Lavenham until May18.

Sunlit Corners, Margaret Glass at The Wildlife Art Gallery, Lavenham until May18.

An acknowledged specialist in pastels, you can expect, in an exhibition of Margaret Glass's work, that Suffolk's rivers will feature heavily. With this latest exhibition her favourite location at Pin Mill is well represented but the scenes of moored rowing boats and cottages are joined by paintings of Flatford, Freston, Walberswick, Aldeburgh and Rutland Water, as well as the gondolas on Venetian canals. Where ever the water is located it will be portrayed in Margaret Glass's instantly recognisable style of strong clear colours, executed in bold strokes, whether in her favourite medium of pastels or in oils.

This exhibition has more than just riverside scenes however. The theme of Sunlit Corners is carried through the pictures of sleepy animals, such as Sleeping Cat and Pigs Snoozing. The flowers in Hollyhocks are shown in the sunshine against a Suffolk Pink cottage while By the Front Door brings a smile (to those of a certain age) as the plant pots and watering-can are reminiscent of flowerpot puppets in a much missed children's TV programme.

Less successful is Reading by the Beachhut. Margaret Glass is never afraid of trying something new but her painting of a man sleeping in the sun does not have the same conviction as the portrayals of dappled waters, shady trees, country lanes or scenes of Italy.

If your preference is for the challenging, the avant-garde or abstract, her work is probably not for you. If you like a picture that is pleasing to look at and will lift your spirits on a dull winter's day, then Sunlit Corners has plenty that will appeal, something evident from the number of red stickers denoting the work that has already been snapped up at Lavenham's Wildlife Art Gallery. An ideal exhibition for the start of summer that will please the visitors to one of Suffolk's favourite tourist destinations.

Rachel Sloane