Newmarket: Jesse J wows crowds at race concert

RIGHT now, we just can’t get enough of Jessie J.

The artist whose career has rocketed into the stratosphere in the past few years was welcomed with roars by adoring fans at Adnams Newmarket Nights last night.

Less than a week ago she was wowing billions of people all around the world with her confident performances at the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony.

And now here she was in Newmarket, giving it just as much gutso as she did on Sunday night.

Jessie (real name Jessica Cornish) appeared to have come out of nowhere a few years back, but the singer-songwriter – who was a coach on The Voice UK alongside Tom Jones, (Black Eyed Peas) and Danny O’Donoghue (The Script) – has been around. She just needed her big break.

Not only does the kooky artist – who loves wearing bodysuits – possess the most skilful vocal ability, but she also has a knack for writing hit songs, a combination which sets her apart from many others.

It was this talent that the crowds at the sell-out gig at the July Course were waiting in anticipation for. And you just knew that a performer as professional as Jessie was not going to let anyone down.

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Bursting with energy, she rocked Newmarket with her hit songs Do It Like a Dude, Price Tag, Laser Light and Domino, as well as giving the thrilled audience a taste of her new album.

For Jessie, who hails from Essex, knows how to put on a show. She can sing, dance - and even write her own songs - but the final ingredient that has endeared her to so many has got to be her personality.

She comes across as warm, down to earth and nice - more girl next door than superstar diva. She possesses the gift of being able to tap into how you are feeling through her lyrics, and lifting you. After all, she does say she is “half-artist, half-therapist”.

After an evening with the unique talent that is Jessie J, all we want to know now is, when is she coming back?

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