Newmarket: Win tickets to see McFly

McFly's Danny Jones is looking forward to coming to Newmarket Racecourses

McFly's Danny Jones is looking forward to coming to Newmarket Racecourses - Credit: PA

A greatest hits album usually means a parting of the ways, but not for McFly says Danny Jones.

Win a pair of meet and greet tickets to see McFly at Newmarket Racecourses

Win a pair of meet and greet tickets to see McFly at Newmarket Racecourses - Credit: Archant

“People always say we’ve broken up, we’ve never really broken up; we’ve had breaks, gone away to make albums, that’s what bands do... it’s the beginning of the next 10 for us, not the end. I don’t think it’ll ever end don’t worry about that, you’ve got to put up with us for a few more years,” he laughs.

Breaks have seen Harry Judd (drums) waltzing off with the Strictly Come Dancing champion trophy, Dougie Poynter (backing vocals, bass guitar) crowned king of the jungle in I’m A Celebrity and Danny (lead vocals, guitar) impressing on Pop Star to Opera Star and Tom Fletcher (lead vocals, guitar, piano) taking on The Cube.

“It’s good (take time to recharge the batteries). What’s cool about it as well is I got time to watch my bandmates do amazingly well because we didn’t expect them to win it.

“I did my little opera star thing... that was almost like taking the mick a bit because I used to sing for a laugh and the lads used to love it. Ever since I did that show, because I’ve been trained in it now, it’s not as funny,” he laughs. “But it gave me a chance to go away and that year I sort of geeked out in my studio.”

Learning opera is better than chewing down on animal bits?

“Exactly, exactly.”

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McFly have sold more than 10 million records worldwide in their 10 years together.

“It (10 years) has flown by actually... it’s pretty special, we’ve seen bands come and go throughout our reign and it’s amazing to just still be around. Our fans are unbelievable, after 10 years they’re still camping out and up at the front from weeks before the show.

“They’re so dedicated, so loyal; we’re lucky to have that because people can just go off bands. I think if we keep creating the songs... what we do, it’s genuine, it comes from us, not other people. I think that’s why the fans turn to it so much.”

The foursome seem to be getting on as well as ever if their ribbing of each other at the Ipswich Regent gig is anything to go by.

“(We all get along) great as ever mate, even probably more so now because it’s all very sophisticated now you know... some of us have got married and getting a bit old,” laughs Danny. “But it’s good, we’re still as immature as ever; it’ll never go.”

Fans can look forward to a new album soon.

“We’ve been writing with James (Bourne ex of Busted) quite a bit. It’s been like old times man, he wrote our first album with us so it’s been great having him on board. The new album... every time we play a song we always smile and we just get a good feeling, it’s going to be very organic and real; hopefully you’ll be able to feel like you’re in the room with us when you listen to the album.”

McFly are back at Newmarket Racecourses for Summer Saturday Live on Saturday, August 24; playing after the final horse race of the summer is run on the July Course.

“Live is where we get to show off what we’ve worked on, that’s our passion,” says Danny. “We write songs in the studio but (performing live) is our holiday, that’s where we get to see people’s faces and reaction to our music so we absolutely love it. Last time we did Newmarket it was really good fun. We try to put some covers in there and it’s all about them having a good time - it’s about putting on a show.

“We want to say (to fans) thanks for your support. Last time was so amazing it’s going to be hard to top it so let’s try to make it even more amazing no matter what the weather’s like.”

McFly - who also play the Arena Stage at V Festival, Hylands Park, August 18 - hope to be touring this way again later in the year.

“We try to tour every year so if not at the end of this year it will be early next year, there’s talks about it now...”

Event has teamed up with Newmarket Racecourses to give away a pair of meet and greet tickets for the concert. To win, tell us the name of McFly’s recent greatest hits collection. Email your answer to by 9am, Monday, August 19.

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