Film review: Night School is a boring and tiresome comedy

What did you think of Night School? Picture: PA PHOTO/UNIVERSAL PICTURES

What did you think of Night School? Picture: PA PHOTO/UNIVERSAL PICTURES

Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish are fine actors and two of the funniest comedians working today.

It is important to remember this as there is very little evidence of it in Malcolm D. Lee’s latest feature, which sees Hart’s high school drop-out Teddy forced to attend Carrie’s (Haddish) night school to complete his GED and find another job after he accidentally destroys his previous place of work.

There is interesting, comedic territory to be mined here, namely the difficulty of finding employment in the current job market, but Lee and his team of six screenwriters largely forego this in favour of bombarding us with a series of unfunny set-pieces. Most of them involving Teddy embarrassing himself or getting hurt, and an endless slew of tired, clichéd one- liners that are nowhere near as edgy as the director clearly believes.

To make matters worse the film is terribly predictable, with every beat and side-story seemingly recycled from countless other, far superior comedic works.

It’s a shame too to see the likes of Hart and Haddish, who have exhibited the ability to raise the quality of even the most dull comedy, struggle to inject any magnetism or humanity into the irritating and unlikeable characters they play.

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Only Taran Killam’s intense high school principal Stewart and Romany Malco’s laid-back technophobe Jaylen add much-needed fun to the proceedings, but they alone are not enough to save this boring and tiresome comedy.

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