Proud parents believe Matt has the X Factor

THE parents of X Factor finalist Matt Cardle have spoken of their pride at their son’s rise to fame on the hit TV show.

On the eve of the live show, which broadcasts on ITV1 this evening, David and Jenny Cardle have given their first interview about their son’s dramatic X Factor journey.

“What the public has seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Mr Cardle, 60. “Matt has got so much more to give and we’re just so proud – and relieved – that he finally has the opportunity to showcase his voice to the world.”

Matt, 27, who lives at home with his parents in Little Maplestead, near Halstead, wowed judge Dannii Minogue with his version of Beyonc�’s If I Were a Boy, and was selected to be in her final three in the boys’ category.

His parents, who run their own logistics company, said that people watching the show did not realise how hard he had worked to get his shot at fame.

Mrs Cardle, 59, said: “Music took over his life at an early age and it’s all he’s ever wanted to do. He’s worked every type of job going just to scrape enough money together to spend a few hours in a recording studio. It’s not been easy for him living at home, at the age of 27, with people telling him that it’s time to get a proper job.”

Matt’s unique vocal style and ability to switch effortlessly to falsetto have earned him plaudits with the judges, but it has not been an easy ride to achieve the voice that makes him stand out from the crowd.

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In 2005, while using the recording studio at High Barn in Great Bardfield, he was warned that his poor singing technique could cost him his voice.

“He was told by the guy that runs the studio that the way he opens his throat when singing was putting a lot of strain on his vocal chords,” said Mr Cardle. “After that he had a couple of singing lessons and it worked wonderfully.

“He’s now capable of singing a much higher range than he ever was a few years ago, and without straining his voice.”

Matt will battle it out with the 12 remaining contestants in the live show which kicks off at 7.40pm this evening. Tomorrow, the first act will leave the competition.

Mr and Mrs Cardle have thanked the public for their support.

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