Queen show set to rock the Regent this week

Cast of We Will Rock You on stage

The cast of Ben Elton musical We Will Rock You - Credit: Johan Persson

A packed out audience pulled on their Queen t-shirts and headed to the Ipswich Regent Theatre on Monday night eagerly anticipating the first night of the hit musical We Will Rock You. 

As we all settled into our seats a cheery announcement came over the tannoy from show Director Ben Elton - explicitly telling the audience not to sing-along unless instructed to, which caused a bit of a stir. 

Probably a wise move in hindsight considering my vocal skills later in the evening - when we were given permission to belt out the hits!

The cast of We Will Rock You on stage

We Will Rock You a musical created by Queen and Ben Elton - Credit: Johan Persson

This year We Will Rock You celebrates its 20th anniversary, proving the longevity of the show which was co-created by Ben Elton and Queen. 

As a Queen fan, I had no doubt I would love the music, and the talented live band and cast did not disappoint! 

All the hits from Freddie and co were there, and it was refreshing to hear some of Queen's lesser-known songs too.

Elena Skye, as sassy rebel Scaramouche, absolutely blew me away with her voice which was the best I have ever heard on the Regent stage.

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As well as the top-notch songs, there was some cracking, topical comedy as well, ensuring We Will Rock You did not feel 20 years old. 

I had a real soft spot for Adam Strong as Khashoggi, I hope I don't offend the actor by saying I thought he had classic pantomime villain vibes, with an added cheeky side that made me giggle. 

Michael Mckell as 'Sir Cliff Richard' (you had to be there) also made me laugh out loud - especially as his jokes got riskier as the show went on. 

Mckell, who audience members may recognise from BBC show Doctors, certainly was the perfect choice for his role, he had strong rock star vibes about him. 

I must admit it did take me a while to fully embrace the storyline of We Will Rock You - which follows Galileo (Ian McIntosh) on a mercy mission to shun the internet and modern technology, with the aim of resurrecting rock and roll.

We Will Rock you cast on stage

We Will Rock You is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year - Credit: Johan Persson

However McIntosh grew in confidence throughout the show making the development of the character seem really genuine and bringing warmth to the quirky storyline. 

I walked away from the Regent singing (sorry) and feeling uplifted, surely the sign of any good musical! 

We Will Rock You is at the Ipswich Regent until Saturday May 14, tickets for the musical and other shows coming up at the theatre are available at; ipswichtheatres.