Review: A Life in 22 Minutes, Inspector Sands, Pulse Fringe Festival, Ipswich, May 26

A Life in 22 Minutes, Inspector Sands, Pulse Fringe Festival, Ipswich, May 26

YOU are in a seminar with strangers and – to break the ice – everyone is given 60 seconds to talk about themselves.

This is the nightmare facing the solo character in this very funny and thought-provoking piece by the Inspector Sands theatre company.

As a young woman waits for a train, still wearing her seminar name badge, she reflects on how she filled her 60 seconds and also comes up with other versions.

The mundane facts of birth, schooling, career and daily routines are replaced by cherished memories and fears and movingly, by the more sensuous experiences of her years - smells, tastes and touches.

A switch from this character to that of a rich, elderly, wheel-chair-bound film star left the stage empty and at least this member of the audience trying to comprehend the meaning.

However, this is in the main a stunning piece of physical theatre based on a great idea and creatively devised.

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Our lives can be summed up in various ways – through the number of cups of tea or coffee we drink, the number of hours we spend on the phone or in front of the computer screen or in the times we have cried, offended others or fallen in love.

Dynamically performed by Giulia Innocenti and created by herself, Ben Lewis and Lucinka Eisler, this piece of drama offers a comic/tragic snapshot of how we may view our own lives and how we decide what is important - for public or personal consumption.

David Green

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