Review: BalletBoyz: the TALENT, Snape Maltings Concert Hall, February 25th.

BalletBoyz: ‘the TALENT’, Snape Maltings Concert Hall, February 25th.

The use of original music, innovative lighting and film pervades all dance today. The mixing of media is welcomed by me but only up to a point. I have come out of several dance shows amazed by a lighting effect, a piece of music and even once film. However, less and less do I enthuse about the choreography. Less do I understand what the message is or indeed if there is one.

The BalletBoyz latest show the TALENT comes in three parts and inspired in me ennui and bewilderment in equal measure but only empathy in the middle segment. This piece, Alpha, is set with autumnal colours and the tender beauty of Keaton Henson’s guitar-led songs exposes the fragility of emotions and interaction. I couldn’t look away.

The first dance, Torsion by Russell Maliphant, had wonderful lighting. The last Maliphant piece I saw did also. But flailing arms? The power cut was the most talked-about thing about it. The last piece Void was well named. Hooded gang members fighting, and gesticulating. I suppose it’s supposed to be a comment on last years riots? It looked like a melee..

As usual the dancers were the stars and Balletboyz, as their frustratingly spelt name would suggest, were talented, acrobatic and surprisingly touching at times. One day they’ll get three dances that honour their talent. On Saturday night they got one. But what a one.

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