Review: Beauty’s Legacy, The Keeper’s Daughter, various locations

Simon Anthony-Rhoden and Mark Finbow

Simon Anthony-Rhoden and Mark Finbow - Credit: Archant

A Diss based theatre company performed their new show to a crowded audience in the Bank at Eye.

The Keeper’s Daughter new sci-fi comedy, ‘Beauty’s Legacy’, is a futuristic take on the story of Frankenstein.

The show, aimed at teenagers, was well receieved at the end of the performance.

It tells the story of Professor Victor, who aims to create something that will change humanity and loses funding and is ordered to close down his laboratory, where he had been for three years.

Lance, who works for the professor, becomes the subject of the with disastrous, albeit funny, consequences, for not only himself, but for Victor and Constance, the professor’s wife.

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The three tell the story well, through the use of lighting, music, and comedy songs, while also talking directly to the audience and participating with them while the other characters were seemingly unaware.

All three took the time at points in the show to break the fourth wall.

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They used the small stage at the Bank to their advantage, with little use of props.

‘Beauty’s Legacy’ visits Sir John Mills Theatre, Ipswich, on May 9, and Stradbroke Community Centre on Saturday May 10.

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