Review: Go Back for Murder, he Official Agatha Christie Theatre Company, Cambridge Arts Theatre, until March 9

Go Back For Murder which is on at Cambridge Arts Theatre

Go Back For Murder which is on at Cambridge Arts Theatre - Credit: IdilSukan Draw

IF IT wasn’t his wife then who killed Amyas Crale?

That’s the question posed in Go Back For Murder.

The latest offering by The Official Agatha Christie Theatre Company at Cambridge Arts Theatre is a little treat for murder mystery fans.

Carla Crale, nicely portrayed by Sophie Ward, is on a quest to clear the name of her mother Caroline who was convicted of the murder of her husband Amyas, a famous artist with a penchant for the ladies.

Why did Caroline accept her fate without a fight if she wasn’t guilty? Was Amyas really going to leave Caroline for the 19-year-old Elsa?

Carla teams up with her solicitor Justin Fogg, played by company stalwart Ben Nealon, and together they interview those who were there that summer 20 years ago to try to settle the unanswered questions once and for all.

And the plot thickens.

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Stepping back 20 years, Act 2 is a flashback of events leading up to the death of Amyas. Who put the poison in his beer? How did it get there? Who had the motive?

With suspects a-plenty, a country house, period props and a half decent set, along with some quality acting from the likes of Liza Goddard, Lysette Anthony and Robert Duncan, this production is lots of fun complete with classic denouement and a touch of romance to finish.

An enjoyable show.

James Marston

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