Review: Harry Hill’s Sausage Time at Ipswich Regent Saturday night

Harry Hill

Harry Hill

SUPERSTAR comic Harry Hill is fast becoming a national treasure - and he brought his live comedy show to a packed house at the Regent.

His comedy is certainly surreal, and the huge crowd at the theatre lapped it up.

Backed only by a couple of musicians and two assistants who supported him during the second half, Harry Hill was on stage throughout the two-hour show (minus the interval) and had the audience in fits of laughter.

I have to admit that while I could see he was very funny - and that the vast majority of the audience loved his performance - I did feel that two hours was quite enough. For those who are not die-hard Hill fans a 20-minute set on the television is probably enough!

However that is to carp - most of the people at the show were die-hard Hill fans and loved the whole thing.

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I’m sure Adrian and Tracey sitting on opposite sides of the front row realised they could be in the firing line when he was looking for stooges.

But they played along well and seemed to enjoy taking part in one of the “fights” that have become a feature of his TV Burp show.

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There was little to offend here, the people who had brought their children could do so with confidence - any slightly risque observations would have gone right over the youngsters’ heads!

The title of the show? There were a couple of references to sausages early in the show and at the end the delicacy featured in a very oversized way - and there were of course several references to horse meat!

Harry Hill’s TV Burp show may have bitten the dust, but clearly his fans still can’t get enough of him!

Paul Geater.

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