Review: Harry’s Bar V, Viva La Revolution! Orwell Hotel, Felixstowe - Suzanne Hawkes

Harrys Bar - Viva La Revolution

Harrys Bar - Viva La Revolution

Including characters as diverse as Che Guevara, Flora MacDonald and Ernest Hemingway – Harry’s Bar V is an intriguing and original mix of music and drama.

Written by Felixstowe-based playwright Suzanne Hawkes and performed in the bar at the town’s Orwell Hotel, Harry’s Bar V is a cabaret-cum-play-cum-poety and prose recital.

Bringing together a group of revolutionaries and literary types - Bonnie Prince Charlie, Laurie Lee, Henry Buckley, Martha Gellhorn – this well-researched and informative piece explored their motives, characters and the stories behind their famous lives.

Depicting imagined conversations between the various characters, the drama was held together by barman Harry played by Paul Pascall and the tell-it-like-it-is servant Mrs Theroux portrayed by Suzanne Hawkes.

Peppered with humour throughout, this was an enjoyable evening which included an excellent choice of music arranged by Bill Stoddart.

Bob Dylan, Abba, Les Miserables, Evita, to name a few, the music was a crowd-pleasing mix with some top notch vocals from Paul Stone, Naomi Doust, and other members of this talented cast.

Fun and with a relaxed atmosphere, the audience lapped up the evening’s performances.

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