Review: Hormonal Housewives with Toyah Wilcox, Ipswich Regent, March 6

Toyah Wilcox, star of Hormonal Housewives

Toyah Wilcox, star of Hormonal Housewives - Credit: Archant

MEN were definitely in the minority at the Ipswich Regent.

I mean, you would have to be a brave specimen to step into the auditorium for a show entitled Hormonal Housewives - especially when Toyah WIlcox and co had promised to regale the audience with tales of PMT hell, full body waxes and playground battles with competitive mothers.

We expected the women of Ipswich to come out on force, in a show of feminine solidarity, but sadly there were spaces all around.

Maybe the name put them off, fear that they too would be branded irrational and downtrodden.

But those that did venture out, would agree it was a great opportunity to bond with their sisters-in-arms, their fellow campaigners for toilet roll replacement, better behaved children and more considerate menfolk.

There was an element of men-bashing, and with such a female-biased audience, it obviously went down well.

But running deeper than that, most of the audience will have been able to pick at least one thread they could relate to, giving them a unity with the cast.

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A great girls night out, just a shame there were not more of us there.

Natalie Hoodless