Review: Jasmin Vardimon: Justitia, Jerwood Dance House, Ipswich, Friday March 16th

Jasmin Vardimon has directed and choreographed another stunning work stretching her dancers, our imaginations and the limitations of contemporary dance. In the theatre world dance-theatre has been around for some time, with Gecko locally, producing world-class dark, intelligent and sometimes hilarious productions.

Vardimon approaches this genre from the other side. Justitia, like last year’s 7734 before it, is strong on narrative, imagery and the use of the spoken word and it is another triumph.

At face value Justitia is an examination of the judicial system but it’s strongest themes are domestic violence, prejudice and guilt. From the sociopathic stenographer to the accused all characters inner demons are exposed as echoes of the key event. What did happen to cause someone’s death?

The use of burning images was strong. From defendants jumping on chairs as the court usher shouts “All rise” to a beautiful end to the first act as Johnny Cash sings Bridge Over Troubled Water and onto the merry go round use of the revolving stage (sounds odd but worked wonderfully) the show is bursting with innovation, talent and imagination. If you get the chance just go.

Andrew Cann

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