Review: Killer Queen, Ipswich Regent, May 20

Killer Queen performing at the Ipswich Regent

Killer Queen performing at the Ipswich Regent - Credit: Archant

While many are celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday this year, I joined many others in marking 45 years of a different Queen – the one that brought us Bohemian Rhapsody and countless other rock hits.

Killer Queen certainly brought the house down at the Ipswich Regent, and the tribute band’s Freddie Mercury did a fantastic job of getting the audience out of their seats and jumping around as if they were at a concert.

All four band members looked and sounded the part, and the evening was a slick performance. While I was never fortunate enough to see the original band (at least with their original line-up) which formed in 1971 play, I imagine Killer Queen – who have been together since 1993 – are as close as you can hope to come, and certainly did them proud.

If I had to make a criticism, it would be that sometimes for effect Freddie would start a line of lyric after the music, forcing him to play catch up and meaning some of the words got lost.

But this is faint criticism – after all the point is to re-create that raw gig feel, not just perform clean-cut album versions of the songs.

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Speaking of songs, there was an excellent selection of some of Queen’s greatest hits from across the ages, from the early rock of Killer Queen through to the more pop-esque Radio Gaga, and right up to the later ballads including These are the Days of our Lives played in tribute to the late Freddie.

I would certainly recommend seeing Killer Queen if you get the chance, whether you are a Queen fan looking to relive those classic moments and costumes or simply searching for an introduction to their work.

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