Review: Lulu – A Night at The Regent

Lulu wowed Regent audiences last night

Lulu wowed Regent audiences last night - Credit: Archant

For her first solo UK tour in 10 years, Lulu opened the show with her version of Republica’s foot stomping Ready to Go.

The theatre was packed with more than 600 adoring fans who came to see the wee belter from Glasgow. She reminisced about her Scottish roots beautifully in the soft, yet powerful, undertones of her song Where The Poor Boys Dance. Emotion poured from her soul as she sung about the “ghosts of the past” that won’t let her go.

Telling the story of her painful divorce, she admitted she was literally brought down to her knees. She expressed her feelings through the UK top 10 hit I Don’t Wanna Fight which, although was a chart success for Tina Turner, was co-written by Lulu and her brother Billy Lawrie.

This time, she was able to perform the song herself as part of an acoustic duet.

It was a precious treat to hear the story of her marriage to Bee Gees star Maurice Gibb through a medley of their hits including Gotta Get a Message, To Love Somebody and the gentle Run to Me.

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The Grammy nominated songwriter has released new album Making Life Rhyme, her first since 2005, which has seen her return to her soulful roots.

“Recently I’ve had a renewed sense of purpose”, said Lulu recently to the Ipswich Star. “I just feel a compulsion to make this new record and, because of that, the songs are just pouring out. My family always said I came into this world singing and I’d be happy to go out of this world singing – but I have a lot more to say before that happens.

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“This record comes at a time of my life when I’m re evaluating everything. Life changes, people change and this album sums up what I see as my place in the world at this time.”

Some years ago she performed at the old Hippodrome in St Peter’s Street. At the young age of 66, Lulu Kennedy-Cairns OBE is a long way from her Boom Bang-A-Bang days. Chopping between her Scottish accent and her adopted Californian, she told the audience: “I’m still able to cut it and do what I love the most. The men have come and the men have gone, but the music is still here.”

Accompanied by an incredible five-piece backing group, and with hits from her new album as well as fantastic new versions from the old ones, Lulu’s tour continues worldwide throughout 2015.

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