Review: Manford bounces back from scandal

It was the elephant in the room Ipswich’s sell-out Regent Theatre was dying to hear Jason Manford tackle.

The comedian quit as presenter of BBC1’s The One Show last month amid revelations of text and Twitter flirting with fans.

But yesterday evening he didn’t shy away from the subject, earning warmth from the crowd by subtly using it to his advantage.

The night had begun slowly, with the audience only marginally warmer than the freezing conditions outside.

But as the evening wore on he charmed the punters with his laid-back banter and engaging style of observational comedy.

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His joke about his parent’s celebrations for their 35 years of marriage went down particularly well. He said the landmark - known as a coral anniversary - had divided them, with his mum wanting to go to the Great Barrier Reef, while his dad was keener on heading to the bookies.

Audience members gave the Manchester-based comic the thumbs up.

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Ros Dooley, 27, who works at Suffolk County Council, said: “I enjoyed it, he’s very funny. All in all he’s been really good value.”

Steve Jarrold, 59 of Brunswick Road, Ipswich, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed it.

“I think he’s a strong enough comedian to take it [The One Show scandal].

“He did not over-use it, he did not over-do it. If he had of done it would have cheapened it.”

Tasha Birchall, 22, of Hatfield Road, Ipswich, said: “It was awesome, he’s hilarious in a very dry kind of way.

“He’s great at banter with the crowd, he struck up a really good rapport with them, I thought.”

Julie Oxborough, 51, of Clarkes Road, Gorleston, a teacher at the village’s junior school, said: “He came across very natural, he’s like someone you might known down your street.”

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