Review: McFly hit the spot at Newmarket Nights


McFly - Credit: Archant

How often do we read stories of in-fighting, jealousy and general malaise amongst long-established pop groups that eventually lead to bitter break-ups?

Fortunately, after 10 years at the top the boys from McFly still look as fresh as they were when they formed back in 2003, coming across as four fun-loving lads that get on like a house on fire.

That camaraderie filtered out to the expectant hoards at Newmarket Nights on Saturday, the quartet putting on a spectacular and fun-packed show during their Memory Lane concert that made the spitting rain nothing more than a minor irritant.

The boys belted out hit after hit from their monster back catalogue and had the crowd in the palms of their hands in between songs, especially during Dougie and Danny’s fantastic musical skit - which told the story of how Tom formed the band after being booted out by Busted.

Only by watching one of their gigs do you realise how long they have been around and, indeed, how many successful songs they have had.

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Their sound has matured over the years from the youthful exuberance of ‘5 Colours in her hair’, recorded way back in 2004 to ‘Love is Easy’ a song that pulls on the heart-strings and is destined to be a first song at weddings for years to come.

They may be growing older but their boyish innocence, which captured the hearts of so may teenage girls, remains the same.

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At the same time, their versatility means there is something for everyone with a rocky edge at times luring the more seasoned music fan on board.

Every song was performed like it was for the first time. Their vocals were excellent, while their talent on their respective instruments just gets better and better with Tom, in particular, on the guitar, piano and his pink ukelele making everything look easy.

McFly are as current as ever and their continuing on and off-stage friendships can only be good news for their fans, who sang along word-perfect to every track, some whilst wiping away the tears. It was that emotional for some!

Four boys having fun and taking everyone with them for the ride. What’s not to enjoy?

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