Review: Milton Jones, Lion Whisperer, Regent Theatre, Ipswich, Friday night

I thought we were in for a long night when Jones’s “grandad” insisted on starting his opening routine from scratch every time some latecomers turned up.

What made it funnier both times was they had no idea why the rest of us were roaring with laughter.

Support act James Acaster got in on the act too, stopping mid-flow when more people turned up late to say “hang on, I’ll go get Milton’s grandad”.

A decision he regretted after losing his place and needing a prompt from the audience to get back on track.

Acaster is one to watch, the more comfortable he got on stage the funnier he became.

His skydiving number was made even more hilarious after he picked the wrong person to pull up on stage.

When Jones, pictured, minus old man disguise, returned we were treated to a succession of surreal one-liners which ended with a clever overhead projector routine.

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Enquiring if there were any cyclists in before showing them a picture of a red light and asking if they recognised it and another slide having a dig at Antony Worral Thompson were both big crowd pleasers.

I wasn’t sure Jones’s style could hold an audience’s attention for such a long period; but the only time things slightly faltered was during his interaction with the crowd. That aside, I’d recommend catching him next time he’s in town.


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