Review: Noises Off, Cambridge Arts Theatre, until Saturday,April 13

Noises Off cast - Credit: Johan Persson

Noises Off cast - Credit: Johan Persson

A SCANTILY clad girl, doors opening and closing, double entendres, a plate of sardines, and a debagged gentleman – these are just the right ingredients for a classic British farce.

Noises Off by Michael Fryan and directed by Lindsay Posner is a rip-roaring, high-pace show with plenty to laugh at.

A play within a play – or more accurately a farce within a farce – the action tells the story of a group of somewhat neurotic strolling players as they rehearse and then perform their production Nothing On.

Highly strung actors, a forgetful drinker, a stressed and frustrated director and a few love interests create just the right conditions for things to go disastrously and amusingly wrong.

While act one is the dress rehearsal of Nothing On as the characters get to grips with the production, act two is what really happens behind the scenes as the play tours and the tensions within the cast rise.

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As the cast run around in an ever increasing frenzy of putting on strange costumes and throwing around props, you can’t help but admire their energy and precision timing.

With an excellent set, a very strong cast and some lovely performances - Noises Off is great fun and a great giggle.

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