Review: Predator, finishing off what I started when I was five, Bootworks Theatre and PULSE Festival 2013, New Wolsey Studio, June 5

Andy Roberts' interactive re-telling of the classic 1987 film Predator is genius

Andy Roberts' interactive re-telling of the classic 1987 film Predator is genius - Credit: Archant

I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much at the theatre.

Andy Roberts and his older brother Steve used to re-create scenes from the classic 1987 action film - which sees Arnold Schwarzenegger’s team of commandos hunted by an extra-terrestrial warrior in a Central American jungle - all the time when they were kids.

Then, it was Steve who was the hero; but not last night.

Picking up from they left off all those years ago, Andy’s live, hillariously interactive re-telling was pure genius.

It didn’t matter the palm tree was inflatable, that the remote controlled helicopter had a mind of its own, that the easily dispatched Colombian enemies flying everywhere were assorted childhood toys or that the guns were cardboard and tape; for around an hour we were in that jungle.

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Proving an audience’s imagination is the greatest weapon in a performer’s arsenal - sorry Arnie, it’s true - it was tears streaming down your face funny, clever and often moving for reasons I won’t spoil here.

Hats off to the three audience members who took on various roles throughout the night. They gave it everything and together, helped us rekindle the power and fun of make believe.

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I hope Andy will be back.


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