Review: Roundelay, by Alan Ayckbourn, Cambridge Arts Theatre

© Tony Bartholomew
07802 400651/
3rd September 2014

© Tony Bartholomew 07802 400651/ 3rd September 2014 PICTURE COPYRIGHT TONY BARTHOLOMEW ALL PICTURES SUPPLIED TO THE STEPHEN JOSEPH THEATRE FOR USE IN PRESS,PUBLICITY FOR THIS PRODUCTION AND FOR USE ON ALL IN HOUSE PUBLICATIONS AND WEBSITES. Russell Dixon as Tom, Brooke Kinsella as Lindy in Roundelay written and directed by Alan Ayckbourn at the Stephen Joseph Theatre,Scarborough from 4th Sept - 4th Oct 2014. - Credit: Tony Bartholomew

A series of five short plays, Roundelay is imaginative and entertaining theatre from the pen of Alan Ayckbourn.

Loosely connected and touching on some pretty major themes and ideas, the plays - with the running order chosen at random by the audience before curtain up - focus on a number of characters offering a snapshot into their lives.

The Politician, The Star, The Agent, The Judge, The Novelist each in turn nod towards different genres – horror, farce, romance, drama, comedy – as well as showcase the acting skills of a strong cast.

The production explores a number of current social issues we face - the aspirations of youth, the relationship between media and politics, the onset of dementia to name a few.

The plays are also nicely observational, touching on the more human themes of regret, lost love and the role of chance in all our lives. And Roundelay overlaps the characters and their stories.

Amusing throughout and with some delightful acting, Roundelay is an interesting experiment and a lot of fun.


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