Review: Sammy’s Room, by Joanna Carrick, Red Rose Chain, schools and colleges tour

If you’ve dabbled in drugs or are considering it, watch this play - it could save your life.

Harrowing, moving; the amazing four-strong cast never preach, never patronise. They just share what they know, both in terms of the performance and the question and answer session after; the next step is yours.

Sammy’s a normal 16-year-old with a great future ahead of her, until her cannabis experimentation sets her down the path of serious drug addiction.

Writer and director Carrick’s decision to start at the end of Sammy’s story and tell it in reverse works so well.

Chloe Nicolson is brilliant as the aspiring musician; you want to grab the girl so full of promise you see at the end and warn her what’s to come. The equally impressive Adrian Banks really tugs at the heart strings as Sammy’s boyfriend Barney, bewildered at how this happened to her.

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Rachel Clarke and Steve Whyte are superb as Sammy’s sister Issi and her boyfriend Connor; both in the grip of drugs themselves. In any other play they could have been the villains of the piece. But Carrick and they know the world of addiction isn’t that black and white.

Clarke and Whyte are two of the bravest, most inspirational people I’ve met. Having overcome serious drug addiction in their real lives, they are perfectly placed to talk about an issue that affects sadly so many.

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There’ll be another public performance at Ipswich’s Gippeswyk Hall on October 19. For tickets or to find out more about it visiting your school or college, e-mail


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