Review: St. Luke Passion, Christchurch, Ipswich, April 17

There is some dispute as to whether JS Bach really did compose the Passion according to St. Luke and it cannot be denied that the work does not rise to the heights of the St Matthew or St. John Passion. However, it is not as demanding for performers as the other two and is therefore within the range of good amateur forces.

The choir of Christ Church, Ipswich, under the clear and authoritative beat of conductor Jenny Jones, gave a good account of the choruses with a strong sound and secure rhythm in an appropriate Baroque style. In the chorales they achieved a warm and fervent focus.

As the Evangelist, Andrew Carpenter had a good deal to do and his pleasant tenor voice comfortably reached all areas of the church. He and Dennis Bowen, who sang the part of Jesus, were able to convey the seriousness and the wonder of the events.

Anthony Percival (Organist and Director of Music at Christchurch) provided alert and nimble organ accompaniment. The whole performance was very moving and a great tribute to the ability and hard work of everyone involved.

Gareth Jones.

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