Review: The Haunting, Cambridge Arts Theatre

The Haunting, Cambridge Arts Theatre until September 15.

remote ancient manor house, a dilapidated study, and strange rumours in the village – the scene is set for a chilling mystery.

Based on the ghost stories of Charles Dickens, The Haunting is an entertaining production which neatly brings together just the right balance of suspense, excellent special effects and some very sophisticated set design for an exciting evening of theatre.

The story focuses on young book dealer David Filde who comes to the manor to catalogue the library of the mysterious Lord Gray. Ghostly knocking, strange voices and apparitions follow before the duo begin to work together to solve the mystery.

Peppered throughout with humour, The Haunting is a well written adaptation by Hugh Janes with plenty of pace. Interest is held from start to finish. Twists and turns ensue and there are lots of jump out of the seat moments for those who love the thrills and spills of a chilling yarn.

James Roache and David Robb evoke the spirit of Dickensian mystery with the quality and subtlety of their acting. The theme of the battle between the spiritual and secular – a subject in which Dickens was deeply interested - is explored.

A first class production and a memorable evening.

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James Marston

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