Review: The Vicar of Dibley, Two Rivers Theatre Company, Sir John Mills Theatre, Ipswich

A much–loved sitcom adapted for the stage, the Vicar of Dibley cannot fail to raise the spirits.

Presented by the Two Rivers Theatre Company, the production includes three episodes from the popular series.

As Geraldine Granger arrives in Dibley she is confronted by an eccentric parish council run by the local big wig David Horton.

The characters – the vacillating Jim Trott, the pedantic Frank Pickle, the hapless Hugo Horton, the loopy verger Alice Tinker, the foul mouthed Owen Newitt, the experimental cook Letitia Cropley – all make an appearance.

And while there may be some difficulties in adapting a tv series to the stage – there are some rather short scenes and quite a few scene changes – this production of the Vicar of Dibley is full of fun and enthusiasm.

Geraldine, played by Val Eldridge - who is clearly enjoying herself, faces the trials and tribulations of ministering to her rather strange parishioners.

Interspersed with plenty of funny and entertaining short films – the one with the children is especially cute - the production keeps pace throughout.

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And the portrayal of Alice Tinker by Bex Nicholls highlights a budding comedic talent.

Lots of fun.

James Marston

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