Review: Vaudeville with Agent Burlieque Burlesque, Circle Lounge, Ipswich Regent

Miss Jones, performing with Agent Burlieque at the Ipswich Regent's Circle Lounge. Pictures: Ian Hef

Miss Jones, performing with Agent Burlieque at the Ipswich Regent's Circle Lounge. Pictures: Ian Heffer - Credit: Archant

IT may have been freezing outside but the circle lounge was sizzling, for several reasons.

Miss Anna Lou had everybody laughing.

Miss Anna Lou had everybody laughing. - Credit: Archant

Treated to a night of beautiful burlesque and colourful cabaret; Miss Jones’ fiery finale made Regent history as it was the first ever fire act held in the lounge.

There was such a fantastic atmosphere among the sold-out audience, many of whom had dressed especially for the occasion. It was a fabulously funny night; host Lili La Scala was, to use her favourite word, marvellous. Her banter with the crowd, a mix of men and women of all ages, had everybody in stitches.

Singing several times, the recent mum sounded as great as she looked.

Burlesque performers Chantilly Lace, Vivienne Bordello and Miss Jones were great; with classy and humorous homages to Harry Potter, Tarantino and various fairytales. The fact they were real women rather than stick figure stereotypes was refreshing; women in the audience could clearly identify with them.

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Contortionist and sword swallower Bendini had us wincing and applauding in equal measure as he squeezed through tennis racquets and got one audience member to pull swords from his mouth. Some of the biggest laughs of the night came courtesy of Miss Anna Lou’s naughty comedy songs.

All in all a fantastic night. Catch them when you can or, if you’re looking do spice up an event, check out

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