Review: We’re Only Here Today, by Nick Walker, Pulse Festival, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, June 5

There is an unexpected knock on the door of your home and two men are standing on the step.

Are they thugs, “con” men or bearers of bad news, neighbours complaining about noise or simply selling double glazing or religion?

The characters, played by by David Colvin and Nick Walker in this slick, fast-paced and very imaginative Talking Birds production, confront some of our darkest fears when opening the door to strangers.

Indeed, the overall mood of the piece is bleak but there is a great deal of humour built in and some lovely poetic moments captured in song and music.

Parts of the play are obscure, at least on a first viewing; where King Lear, a bagpipe recital and a coat bearing damage caused by wars across the centuries enter the plot is debatable but perhaps it is all comment on the human condition.

The production is totally engaging and Colvin and Walker - two characters who would have been easily recognisable by Harold Pinter - excel in constantly shifting the mood from laughter to sadness as each short episode merges into the next.

Great entertainment, thought provoking and, at times, emotionally moving.

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David Green