Review: Youngsters bring sparkle to the Spa with their version of Bugsy Malone

WITH the Spa under threat it was good to see the stage being used on Friday and Saturday to give the youth members of Stage Door a chance to shine in the iconic musical Bugsy Malone, set in prohibition America.

This is of necessity a fast-moving show and the many scene changes can hold up the pace. Unfortunately director Ali Hewett decided on full set for each scene which meant a lot of delay as changes were made. Using more lighting effects is always better to keep the action flowing.

But putting this aside there were some lovely moments and the whole cast worked together to produce a good standard of performance. Gareth Davey was superb as Bugsy. Taryn Mason was suitably delicate as Blousie, Sian Bartlett a brassy Tallulah, and Danny Macall and Jake Waddell excellent as the rival gang bosses.

They were ably supported by the whole cast with some nice cameos from some of the youngest members, and the chorus numbers were well choreographed. The singing was strong and the soloists held their own. Especially impressive was the eight-piece orchestra led by David Bolton.

This was a feel-good show that was entertaining and well put together. All the cast should be proud of their efforts. It was just a shame more of the public did not turn out to support them.

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