Richard Bryson’s DVDs of the year: Part two

RICHARD Bryson brings you the second half of his top ten DVDs of the year.

RICHARD Bryson completes his selection of the top ten DVDs of 2010....

- Inception:

Leonardo DiCaprio leads his dream weavers into a mind-bending James Bond-esque thriller that is sure to leave you in a spin.

- Up:

You may also want to watch:

Pixar’s first treat of the year. A delightful tale of an old gentleman, a persistent boy scout and a loveable dog.

Oh, and there’s a house being transported by balloons. It all sounds batty but it works beautifully.

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- Toy Story 3:

This was Pixar’s second delight of 2010 and it starts with an inspired setpiece involving a train chase.

Later Woody, Buzz and pals plan a great escape but while there are the usual high jinks there is much poignancy too as the toys say farewell to their owner as he heads off to college.

- Up in the Air:

If this is a comedy drama the balance is more on the drama, but it is still an involving piece of work allowing George Clooney to take flight as a corporate down-sizer, jetting off to break the bad news.

- It’s Complicated:

Lovely turns from Alec Baldwin, Meryl Streep and Steve Martin in a comedy of mixed-up middle-agers. The party drug scene is a hoot.

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