Take a look at this stunning lifelike pastel painting

Pastel painting of Hawkedon by Mark Turnbull

Pastel painting of Hawkedon by Mark Turnbull - Credit: Archant

An artist from Alpheton has sent in his remarkable painting of a Suffolk scene near Hawkedon.

Suffolk portraits by Mark Turnbull

Suffolk portraits by Mark Turnbull - Credit: Mark Turnbull

Mark Turnbull, who is 46, photographs the west Suffolk countryside and then recreates them as pastel masterpieces.

The talent of Mr Turnbull is very clear with many mistaking his paintings for actual photographs.

His latest art work shows a country road which leads to the tranquil village of Hawkedon. Mark has mastered a range of textures in the piece from smooth fields, wild grass, and gloomy clouds.

The attention to detail is superb with fields of green along the skyline and the picturesque cottages appearing at the end of the country lane.

Buttercup Meadows by Mark Turnbull

Buttercup Meadows by Mark Turnbull - Credit: Mark Turnbull

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To create such a shot Mark cycled through the village several times to work out where would be the best angle to photograph.

The full-time portrait commission artist said: “To me, this is the quintessential Suffolk landscape - rolling hills, meandering lanes lined with old oak trees and quaint villages.

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“They don’t get much more quaint than Hawkedon, and this scene is looking west towards the village and the rolling hills beyond.

“This part of Suffolk has always held a particular attraction for me, because of its relatively isolated nature”.

This isn’t the first time we have featured the 46-year-olds work, back in July we produced this gallery.

The gallery includes his pastel paintings of the Cavendish Hills, Friar Meadow, and Buttercup Meadows.

Friar Meadow was sold to a private buyer for £1,000 but Mark donated £700 of that to The Eden Coppice Trust.

The Cavendish Hills shot was brought by a Suffolk couple for an impressive £1,750.

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