Some of the best places to see the Summer Solstice in Suffolk this month

A stunning sunset on Lowestoft Beach

A stunning sunset on Lowestoft Beach - Credit: Ryan Grice

While the meteorological calendar says June 1 is the first official day of summer, the Summer Solstice is the event that marks the first day of summer on the astrological calendar.  

Taking place on Monday June 21, it is the longest day of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere.  

The UK will therefore see 16 hours and 38 minutes of daylight on Monday June 21 – with the sun rising at 4.52am and setting at 9.26pm. 

Here’s just a handful of locations across Suffolk that make for the ideal spot to see the sun rise or sun set on what looks to be a beautiful and warm day this year.  

A sunset at Lowestoft Beach

The sun is due to set at 9.26pm on Monday June 21 - Credit: Liam James

Lowestoft Beach 

If you’re looking for the perfect place to see the sun rise this June, look no further than Lowestoft. This coastal town is England’s most easterly settlement - and as the sun rises in the east and sets in west - it’s the best spot to catch a glimpse of the sun as it first hits the shores of mainland Britain.  

To get as east as you can, why not take a trip to Ness Point? The most easterly point in the country, it is marked by a direction marker and is situated north of the town centre next to Orbis Energy. 

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Lowestoft handily has a number of 24-hour car parks, meaning you can park up and head down to the beach or Ness Point at your own leisure.  

The River Alde at Snape

The River Alde at Snape - Credit: Paul Sadler


Get back to nature this year by making Snape your solstice pilgrimage destination of choice. 

This quaint Suffolk village is nestled on the River Alde, and is home to some beautiful wildlife. There really is no better way to see in the sunrise than with some birdsong in the background courtesy of the local curlew, egret, and avocet population. 

Whether you’re in the village to see the sunrise of sunset, seeing the sun rise or fall behind the stunning Snape Maltings building truly is a sight to behold - and a perfect picture opportunity for any avid photographers. 

Covehithe Beach 

Arguably one of the country’s most beautiful beaches, Covehithe near Beccles is a secluded stretch of coast that will provide you with plenty of clear skies to see the summer solstice this month.  

Although popular with dog walkers, birdwatchers and fossil hunters alike, there will still be plenty of space as you gaze up at the sky and enjoy the longest day of the year and all of the sunlight it has to offer. 

This beach is as remote as it comes, and is only accessible by foot or bike. Parking however is available at the nearby St Andrew’s Church which is a short walk away from the beach. Please park sensibly.

A sunset at Dunwich Heath

Sunsets don't get much more dramatic here in Suffolk than at Dunwich Heath - Credit: Parrish Colman

Dunwich Heath 

This stunning nature reserve on the Suffolk coast will give you peace, serenity and a sense of wonder during this year’s summer solstice. A rare and precious habitat, Dunwich Heath is home to a number of species of flora and fauna, including nightjars, woodlarks, ant-lions and adders. 

What makes this a great spot for watching the sun rise or set is the awe-inspiring patchwork of pink and purple heather that dominates the landscape at this time of year. Watching the sun reflect off the vivid colours is a spectacular sight that simply can’t be missed.  

While the heath itself is open from dawn till dusk, the car park however is only open between 9am and 6pm.  

Pin Mill 

For a true sense of escapism, Pin Mill on the Shotley Peninsula will give you spectacular views of the sun rise and sun set during this year’s summer solstice.  

Set on the River Orwell, this wooded shore is as peaceful as it comes, meaning you can take in the splendour of the sun on the longest day of the year while being surrounded by towering trees.  

Be sure to keep an eye for the wrecked boats that bob up and down the water at Pin Mill – another great photography opportunity for any keen snappers. 

Have you got a favourite spot in Suffolk to watch the sun rise or set? Get in touch with to share your places and pictures.