The Apprentice: Candidates face beauty challenge

LORD Sugar sets the candidates a stunning task tonight - to set up and run their own beauty businesses in Birmingham.

At the briefing, under the statue of Aphrodite at the British Museum, he re-balances the teams and personally appoints the project managers.

The squads then have to offer hands-on-treatments to customers, as well as selling cosmetic products linked to them.

After a choice of professional treatments have been offered to the teams, followed by a short wrangle over total body spray tan, the teams choose two treatments each and start their training.

But one of the boys feels that hands-on beauty challenges his masculinity, and could worry his girlfriend.

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It’s off to Birmingham next, where one team plumps for the city centre, while the other chooses an out-of-town mall.

From then it’s a race to get customers, make money and turn profits before the usual trip to the boardroom - where yet another candidate hears “you’re fired” from Lord Sugar.

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