The Apprentice preview: Zoe reduced to tears over rubbish task

CANDIDATE Zoe Beresford is reduced to tears after struggling to strike a deal in tonight’s episode of The Apprentice.

The Logic project manager breaks down as her team fail to win any contracts in an entire day of trying to turn rubbish into profit.

The two teams are faced with making money out of disposing of waste products.

But after remaining empty-handed following a day of no deals, Zoe sobs: “We’ve had the most horrific time ever. We’ve messed the entire lot up.”

And tension mounts further when it transpires the other team, Venture, seem to have struck a waste disposal deal with a builder who appears to be adding further bags of rubbish to the agreed amount.

- Viewers will see who wins - and who gets fired - in tonight’s edition of the show at 9pm on BBC1.