The Dreamboys - exactly what it says on the tin

The Regent Theatre, Ipswich

The Regent Theatre, Ipswich - Credit: Archant

Far too often in life we take things too seriously. That was the attitude that I went into the performance of The Dreamboys with at the Ipswich Regent tonight.

This show is exactly what it says on the tin - a night of fun, laughter and jam-packed full of clichés, with costumes varying from firemen to cowboys and even channelling the famous Diet Coke advert which had girls swooning from the first second.

The audience was predictably 99% female, and The Dreamboys played well to their crowd - even to the extent of stopping during one scene when one girl became uncomfortable on stage.

Yes, some of the dancing was out of time and performers varied in their abilities, but what they gave their crowd was a night of entertainment perfectly suited to all that the show was supposed to be.

And they showed no prejudice, getting people up from the audience of all ages, both male and female.

Perhaps my only criticism of this show is the hype surrounding The Only Way is Essex star Dan Osborne who was billed to star, yet appearing briefly on a few occasions throughout the night. Not being a TOWIE fan, I wasn’t disappointed, but boos from the crowd when he soon disappeared told me those sitting around me felt the opposite.

I asked my girlfriends who accompanied me on the night to sum The Dreamboys up in one word. “Fantastic” said one, “entertaining” said another. “Cheesy” said the final. My word? Hysterical - but in a good way. We laughed throughout, as did the rest of the audience, and at times almost the whole auditorium was on their feet clapping, cheering and singing along.

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Every performance should be measured by their audience. That being the case, this was a very popular, enjoyable show, and one not to be confused with anything that it isn’t. The Dreamboys gave us a fantastic night of easy, genuine and enjoyable fun.

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