Review: Toko Telo, The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, Monday, April 23

Toko Telo

Toko Telo - Credit: Archant

Sounds from the tropical Indian Ocean island of Madagascar were in evidence as the sunshine and warmth flowed down from the stage.

The trio featured the soulful vocals from Monika Njava and stunning guitar virtuosity from D’Gary and Joël Rabesolo (the latter joining the trio after original member Regis Gizavo tragically passed away on stage last summer).

Honoured at home and acclaimed abroad, these three heroes of Madagascan music came together as Toko Telo (“group of three”) to interpret traditional musical styles like tsapiky, jihe and beko.

And each song had a story behind it from a man who loves a woman but is afraid to tell her to teenage girls leaving their village for a more exciting life; and villagers trying to survive the attacks of bandits to a lack of electricity but the full moon is a precious gift each and every tune was full of amazing rhythms and diverse music to a sadly sparse following at The Apex.

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