TV’s Weird Creatures star Nick Baker’s super show

Star of TV’s Weird Creatures and the Really Wild Show Nick Baker delights audience in Felixstowe with animal tales

Nick Baker’s Weird Creatures, Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, April 14

Nick Baker has always been obsessed with animals and his enthusiasm and excitement shone through as soon as he appeared on the empty stage with nothing other than his iPad for company.

No props were necessary, however, as he regaled us with tales of weird and wonderful animals such as the pink fairy armadillo, an elusive creature from Argentina, the tomato frog from Madagascar that deters predators by secreting a toxic gum and the horned lizard, found in the Sonoran Desert, that squirts foul-tasting blood out of its eyes when attacked.

Despite a fear of flying, his quest for the bizarre has taken him all round the world and his colourful narrative combined with slides and video clips took us along with him.

Particularly entertaining was his imitation of the warning dance of the apparently cute and cuddly slow loris, which licks its own elbows to release potentially lethal toxins, making it the only venomous primate on earth.

Describing himself as a ‘professional ten year-old’, he says that he has the best job in the world and can’t believe his luck.

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By the time three hours had passed his passion for his subject was undiminished and it was a privilege to hear him talk.

I’m sure the rest of the disappointingly small audience would agree.

Rosie Castle

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